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We are home family kennel, situated in a small village Koplotovce near river Váh in the western part of Slovakia - the heart of Europe. I would not even call us a ´kennel´, since we breed Samoyeds only occasionally as our hobby and our Samoyeds are most of all members of our family. It´s been in 1995 since Samoyeds conquerred our hearts. Year 2019 is our 24-th years´ anniversary of living with and loving Samoyeds. We are proud members of Samoyed Club of Slovakia as well as many foreign Samoyed Clubs and Associations. We bred many beauty Champions, but also Certified working dogs in sled racing, agility and obedience, canistheraphy, dogdancing, hunting.... WE ARE PROUD OF ALL OF OUR PUPPIES, love them dearly and are always ready to take them back to our house if unexpected life circumstances occure, as we did over the years many times. Our goal is to breed a healthy happy Samoyed preferably as a multi purpose family dog for work, sport and for shows – if interested.


We are a big Yoshi-family team: me (Jana Fulierová, a high school teacher), my fiancé (Anselm Fuernkranz, an IT specialist), my 17 years old daughter Janka (visiting 3-rd grade of high school) and 6 years old daughter Zojka – they help us with show handling a lot. The rest of our extended family (my brother and his family) and Zuzana Havlíková (our dear friend, experienced AA and schnauzer breeder and groomer, she is the best handler of our dogs) also helps us a lot as they all love Samoyeds as much as we do, they basically are babysitters of our Sammies when we are travelling and they are our devoted fans and supporters.

Our puppy owners become members of our world-wide Yoshi family. We regularly meet at Show and different occassions in Slovakia or abroad, with many of them we became true friends. We are always there for our puppy owners with advice or support. We feel blessed we have our Yoshi family.


I started with a male Samoyed in 1996 and it took almost 8 years before the first litter, which was born at our Yoshi and us kennel in May 2003. Our first Samoyed was Yoshi, who was bred by Mr. Taszli at his "Kartuš" kennel - Slovakia. Xamba, Vikke and Grace came to us from Finland (thanks to Tuula Hämäläinen-Pratt - Humoresque, Riitta Tuomaala - Snowmist and Katja Korpisalo - Ramzai), Annie from the Czech republic (her ear never came up so she was our beloved pet all her life), Azi, Benji, Sissy, Misha were a progeny of our beloved Xamba. Sky was a son of our Italian export Ch.Bold Prince of Yoshi and us, Kiki and Striker came to us from Great Britain thanks to our good friend Hazel Fitzgibon - Smiliesam. Grace is a daughter of our Finnish export Ch.Galaxy O´Xamba Yoshi and us, and is already 5-th generation of our beloved Xamba. We have also imported son (B.J.) and daughter (Skylar) of Benji from Estonia (thanks to Margus and Katrin Oinits - Lumeingel).
Yoshi, Xamba, Annie, Kiki, Misha, Benji, Azi, Fík, Vikke and Sky had left us and went over the rainbow bridge over the years, but they stay in our hearts forever...


At the moment we have ten Sammies: Jasper, Yoshi, Tana, Mimi, Chilli, Wasabi and Zorro were born here as they are puppies from our own breeding and Tas and Skylar are imported from UK (Whitespirit - thanks Liz and Alan Ballantine) and Estonia, both sired by our home-bred boys („half-Yoshies“). In 2018 our team was joined by Datura II., Lithuanian import (Klajokliu Šuo - thanks to Dalia and Evaldas Mickis), to refresh our bloodlines.

Our Samoyeds take part at shows, but they also work as a sports sled team,
visit disabled children in canistherapy programmes, but most of all, as already mentioned above, they are loved members of our family and they all live their
happy lives in our big family of people, dogs, amazonian parrot Wafzi and a cat Muro.

All of our Sammies are trained and work together in harness as a good team – trained by Anselm, they love running, hiking and swimming, they love working! We believe that dogs must be well trained and socialized to be a success in life and in the show ring.

We planned puppies for 2020

The Seventh Heaven Yoshi and us & Yang the Sunshine Yoshi and us

Whitespirit Absalon & The Second To None Yoshi and us


Ing. Jana Fulierová

Ing. Jana Fulierová

High school teacher, Breeder, FCI International judge

Jana fell in love with Samoyeds during her 2 years´stay in Vancouver, Canada, where she took care of them in her host family. In 1997 she acquired her first Samoyed „Yoshi“ (Ch. Kevin Kartuš) – he gave name to her Kennel, as he became the centre of her life so everything was about Yoshi ... and the rest of us. As the breeding of Samoyeds in Slovakia was at that time rapidly declining, she felt to be responsible to re-introduce this beautiful breed to the public and started a long-term promotion of Samoyeds, which later led in writing and producing a book about them as well as in foundation of a non-profit breeding association – Samoyed Club of Slovakia, and worked in its Commitee as well as in Slovak Kennel Club Health Commitee up to 2018. For her cynological activities she was in 2013 awarded Bronze honourable medal of the Slovak Kennel Club, in 2017 became International FCI Judge and also contributed to another book about Samoyeds, she is recently studying the rest of the breeds of V.FCI Group to add to her judging list but left the Commitees to focus on her family and dogs. Jana loves her job - being a hight school teacher of English and Economics surrounded by "young and restless" students every day keeps her young at heart. She also loves creating different ornaments with her daughters as you can see above.

Anselm Fuernkranz

Anselm Fuernkranz

IT Specialist, breeder, musher

Anselm joined our Yoshi-family when he got Tana – a Yoshi puppy in 2016. Since 2018 we are engaded – so we assume Tana was our love angel – white fluffy cupid. Since his age of 8, Anselm´s family was always surrounded by dogs. His first own dog was a flat coated retriever which he trained to a very successful rescue dog and also obedience, he was followed by a Siberian husky Datura a short time later. In her he found his love to the northern breeds. Datura was his one and only dog and taught him a lot about Nordic dogs, and when she died in the age of 16 years old, she left a deep hole in his heart – thus to be filled by Samoyeds he started to be interested in and after he met his first Sammy on a dog show they got him immediately with their perfect character and smile, and a year later his first Samoyed joined the pack of aussies they had with his ex-wife, and of course a second one followed a few month later – Viburnum Lantata of Yoshi and us. Fascinated by these versatile beauties and their abilities he started with canicross, scooter and bikejöring with their 2 Samoyeds and later on with cart/sled riding in Yoshi and us team. He is a devoted member of the Commitee of Austrian Nordic Breeds Club since 2018. His knowledge of dog behaviour, training dogs in different fields, but most of all his helping hand and love for Samoyeds (and all of us) is greatly appreciated in our Yoshi family team.

Janka & Zojka

Janka & Zojka


My 17 years old daughter Janka (visiting 3-rd grade of high school) and 6 years old daughter Zojka (kindergarten senior) are our treasures: they love our Samoyeds, spend a lot of time playing and „squeezing“ with them and occasionally they help us with show training and handling.
Janka is very tallented: she is great at shooting and editing short videos, creates advertisements, cards, leaflets and promotion materials. She is a gifted photographer, model and make-up artist. She is a manager of student´s study company „21 cupcakes“, they produce delicious cupcakes, cakes and cookies of all kinds. Recently she is working on a short movie about anorexia, the desease she is bravely fighting with. Zojka has always been our sunshine, she will start her school next year, but she will surely be our future handling star as she loves competing in handling competitions for children.

Zuzana Havlíková

Zuzana Havlíková

Friend, Groomer and Handler

Our dear friend, experienced American Akita and Schnauzer breeder and gifted groomer, Zuzana is the best handler of our dogs and also helps us a lot she loves Samoyeds and undertands their mentality in Show training. And she also is the best babysitter of our Sammies when we are travelling as she is our devoted fan and supporter. She always puts her heart to showing our dogs, and is proffessional but with good heart, which always Works well with Samoyeds, so she can show them to perfection.

Yoshi and us world-wide family


Short Show results preview 2019

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Our sports team

Our Samoyeds and Samoyeds from our breeding are trained and participate at many different sports activities, e.g. sledding, agility, obedience, canicross, scooter, hunting, weightpulling… we are very proud of all of them since we believe Read more…