Hello and welcome

We are home family kennel, situated in a small village Koplotovce near river Váh in the western part of Slovakia - the heart of Europe. I would not even call us a ´kennel´, since we breed Samoyeds only occasionally as our hobby and our Samoyeds are most of all members of our family. It´s been in 1995 since Samoyeds conquerred our hearts. Year 2021 is our 25-th years´ anniversary of living with and loving Samoyeds. We are proud members of Samoyed Club of Slovakia as well as many foreign Samoyed Clubs and Associations. We bred many beauty Champions, but also Certified working dogs in sled racing, agility and obedience, canistheraphy, dogdancing, hunting.... WE ARE PROUD OF ALL OF OUR PUPPIES, love them dearly and are always ready to take them back to our house if unexpected life circumstances occure, as we did over the years many times. Our goal is to breed a healthy happy Samoyed preferably as a multi purpose family dog for work, sport and for shows – if interested.